What is your business?

POCA audio’s mission is to fuel people’s passions and adventures with sustainable and innovative technologies.

I started POCA audio 3 years ago,with the mission of tackling the throwaway culture in consumer electronics. We focused on Bluetooth speakers because they are one of the worst categories for electronic-waste due to their increasing demand and the lacking know-how around responsible disposal.

I quit my job as a product designer almost 2 years ago. I was frustrated by the fact that most of the products I had designed would eventually end up in landfill, I was tired of it. I believe in a world where landfills are reducing in size, there’s no plastic in our oceans and rivers and products are cherished for longer.

Since then, I’ve established a small team, and our first product is called PINE, the longest lasting speaker. PINE and its accessories are made of sustainable materials, like ocean waste plastic and recycled silicone (some from UK waste), it was important to us that the majority of its materials could be repurposed. It’s also designed for repair-ability to allow the product to stay out of landfill for longer benefiting both the consumer and the environment.

Our tagline is LOUD FOR LIFE®.

How did you hear about SWEF and what led you to apply for a grant?

I first heard about SWEF from the local business growth hub for Swindon & Wiltshire, I find these groups really helpful in connecting members to grants and other opportunities. I applied to SWEF because the application process was straightforward and the opportunity seemed really beneficial financially. The grant enabled me to purchase a 3D printer which helped my business to significantly progress with the design of the PINE speaker.

How did the grant help you develop your business?

It was a real confidence boost when I was approved, so far it had been a lonely journey and this was the start of more to come. About a year later, I applied for an Innovate UK grant worth up to £50,000 and on my application, I mentioned that I was awarded a SWEF grant. I was successful and was awarded £35,000 for transformative technologies. SWEF was an amazing stepping stone and gave me the confidence boost to dream bigger and apply for larger grants.

Where do you see your business in a year's time?

We will be selling PINE speakers and its accessories in the UK and internationally. We hope to  be releasing more innovative sustainable products and grow our team to kickstart our business growth.

Anything else you want to share?

To other entrepreneurs, remember to enjoy the journey as though you have already succeeded.

Where can we find out more?

We plan to launch a campaign on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform on Tuesday, October 3rd to help bring the PINE speaker to life.

We hope to produce 1,000 speakers from the funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign, which will run for 30 days.

To support our campaign, click here: www.POCAaudio.com

Want to grow your business?

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